Every year, regularly, moslem in STIESIA academic community have the obligation to pay zakat in order to get Fitrah in their lives. They need to give their zakat to the public who have the rights to receive zakat. On April, 26 2022 STIESIA academic community had prepared 1.208 packages of zakat fitrah consisting of 1,128 packages of 5 kilos rice and 80 tons consisting 25 kilos of rice. Those packages were sent to 16 RT, Nursery houses, Orphanages, Social institution, Places under the Social Department in Surabaya, and Mosques.

Some of the 1,208 packages of rice were sent directly to each of the head of RT near STIESIA or the representatives who had data of people that were obliged to receive zakat. Meanwhile, some of them could directly take the packages at STIESIA.

During the proses of distributing zakat, a package consisting of 5 kilos of rice were given to every people who came directly to STIESIA by the head of PERPENDIKNAS with his staffs, also given by the President of STIESIA with her staffs. This good deed was part of STIESIA’s participation toward the society who really needed favor.

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