Smart Indonesian Card Scholarship for STIESIA Surabaya freshmen

On October 5 2022 STIESIA Surabaya gave socialization and guideline for the chosen students about Smart Indonesian Card Scholarship in the Seminar room on the second floor. Through some steps in the selection, there were 10 students in the academic year of 2022 who received the scholarship. The socialization did not only involve the students but also their parents in order to give a clear understanding for everyone.

Dewi Maryam, S.E., M.M led the socialization as the master of the ceremony and Dr. Triyonowati. M.Si who was the third Vice-president of Students Affairs started the event. Besides saying congratulation, she also encouraged the students to maintain their achievements in order to keep the scholarship optimally.

Then, as the Head of Perpendiknas, Dra. Endang Dwi Retnani, M.Si, Ak informed that the fund was totally for students since it helped them to finish their studies until they graduated. Therefore, STIESIA Surabaya announced for the parents or others not to spend the scholarship except for students’ study needs.

Next, Dr. Nur Fadjrih Asyik, SE., MSA., Ak., CA as the President of STIESIA Surabaya delivered information technically about the definition of the Smart Indonesian Card Scholarship, acceptance technical procedures, term duration, and things that made the scholarship canceled. Accordingly, she expected students were understood and could make use of it until the end of the study. In other words, no scholarship was canceled or dropped.  STIESIA Surabaya had given the scholarship for freshmen from 2021 until 2022. As there were 151 students who got the scholarship, it showed STIESIA, Perpendiknas (as STIESIA juridical person) with the government cared enough for the Right of Having Full Education. 

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