Socialization The New Guideline for Academic Position Rise of Associate Professor and Professor

Wednesday, October, 5th 2022, STIESIA Surabaya held an offline event with the theme  Socialization the New Guideline for Academic Position Raise of Associate Professor and Professor offline. Moreover, this event was done at the Post Graduate building, Borneo room. There were Prof. Dr. Dyah Sawitri, S.E., MM. as the head of LLDIKTI VII, 2020, and keynote speakers; Dr. Nur Fadjrih Asyik, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.  as the president of STIESIA Surabaya and the one who delivered the opening speech; Endang Dwi Retnani, M.Si, Ak., CA as the head of PERPENDIKNAS; also Dewi Maryam, S.E., MM as the head of Students Affair and Master of Ceremony.

Some speakers discussed some points about the new policy on Lecturers’ Credit Points were discussed in the event. They were:

  1. The suitability among academic qualifications, Lecturer signing, and Subjects required
  2. The specific requirement in fulfilling the scientific paper in functional position/associate professor and Professor was a Reputable Internal Journal/International Journal/Accredited National Journal/National Journal which was listed at
  3. The evaluation mechanism of the requirement of functional position raise into Associate Professor which was applied at State University, other universities in other Ministries/Non-Government Institutions and/or Required Service Institutions of Higher Education by Assessors which had been accepted by Decree of Dikti General Directorate
  4. Statute of the scoring result of lecturer credit points into Associate Professor by Human Resource Director, General Directorate of Higher Education, Research and Technology and Stature of the scoring result of lecturer credit point into Professor by Dikti General Directorate
  5. The requirement or Statute of all lecturers’ functional positions was regarded to the needs and each formation of University and Service Institutions of Higher Education. This policy was started in July, first 2022, and was expected to be well-applied

This socialization was followed by all chairmen and some lecturers in STIESIA Surabaya. Furthermore, the event was well-organized and ended with a photo session.

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