STIESIA Graduation on September 2021

STIESIA Surabaya held the first online graduation with 413 graduates on September, 7 and 8 2021. While, the procession of this event which was directly led by the President of STIESIA, Dr. Nur Fadjrih Asyik, SE., M.Si., Ak., CA.; run smoothly at Hall STIESIA on the second floor. There were 413 graduates participated through zoom which divided into two days. First day was attended by graduates of accounting. Meanwhile, on the second day, graduates of management took their chance.

          During the event, the President of STIESIA told that graduation procession was the beginning of other struggles which had been waited in order to prepare the future provision in the job world. She further told them not to be satisfied and keep moving to achieve success with pray, effort, and beneficial knowledge background within society. They had not to forget to prioritize their almamater which had been a place where they got some knowledge. In the end, graduates were expected to face 4.0 industrial revolution and had success in the future.

          Meanwhile, the head of Perpendiknas Agus Subagio adviced graduates not to stop learning and sticked with the technology development as breakthrough which could affect all kinds of public life aspects. One of them which was affected by technology information  exsistence namely economy and business.

In the end of event, some best students’ representatives i.e. RIMANTI MIRA ZETIRA, A.Md.Ak. (D3 of Accounting), NOVIA NUR CHOMAIROH, A.Md.M. (D3 of Tax Management), BIMANTARA SATRIA LAKSONO, S.Ak. and NOER FAIZAH, S.Ak. (graduates from S1 of Accounting), AJENG WULAN SARI, S.M. and REFA ANGGRAINI, S.M. (S1 of Manajemen), DANNY ADITYA, M.Ak. (S2 of Accounting): SUMARNO, M.M, and FRISKA INTAN SUKARNO, M.M. (S2 of Management) and Dr. EMERALDA AYU KUSUMA (S3 of Management of Science).