The Vice Governor of East Java Attended “Sidang Terbuka” of Doctorate Science Management

The Vice Governor of East Java (Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, B.Bus., M.Sc.) attended Sangudi’s ( “Sidang Terbuka” of Student of Doctorate Science Management of STIESIA Surabaya. This event was held on Saturday, October the 9th, 2021 at Borneo room, Graha Widya Bhakti STIESIA Surabaya. The dissertation exam aimed to examine Sangudi’s research result in title “The Effect of Corporate Strategy, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Compensation on Organization Culture and Companies’ Performance (A Study at BUMN Foresty, Perum Perhutani).

Sangudi’s dissertation was promotorized by Prof. Dr. Budiyanto, MS. with co-promotor Prof. Dr. Pribadiyono, MS. also examiners’ team including Dr. Ir. Budhi Satrio, MM., Dr. Suwitho M.Si., Dr. Khuzaini, MM. and external examiner  Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, B.Bus., M.Sc.

Novelty of Sangudi’s research was on three aspects, namely 1) This research studied and identified RBV dimension which was mostly related to companies’ competiveness and continuity. Moreover, it discussed how to use RBV as Perhutani’s strategy design in managing internal and external challenges to achieve competiveness advantages and companies’ objectives. 2) This research studied Jiwa Korsa Rimbawan behavior which had been on every individual of Perum Perhutani and was categorized as Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), i.e. a voluntary behavior that given by member of organization for companies’ development without considering formal compensation from the companies.

Promovenda Sangudi ( had studied Doctorate Science Management at STIESIA Surabaya for 3 years, 7 month with GPA 3.83 and successfully graduated with compliment. In addition, he becomes the 88th graduated student.