D3 Accounting

D3 Accounting Profile


D3 Accounting study program of Schools of Economics of Indonesia (STIESIA) becomes a holder of vocational education which create a competitive, reliable, and dignified of Diploma 3 professional expert of accounting, with both nationally and internationally standard in 2021.


Holding a teaching and learning process with some supports of:

  • Adaptive curriculum on changes, suitable with competency standard and stakeholders’ need
  • Competent lecturers and education staffs
  • Conducive academic atmosphere
  • Proper facilities

Holding a creative, innovative, and applicable research in order to develop applicable knowledge which beneficial to the society

Holding a fulfilment of social responsibility which optimally through real action in the form of public service

Accreditation: A

This was according to National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education of Department of National Education of Republic of Indonesia No. 1120/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/Dpl-III/X/2015


To be oriented on the graduates readiness in order to be able to take roles as expert and have a skill of accounting.


To create human resources with diploma 3 competence of Accounting who have some criteria as follow:

  • Understand the basic concept of economy theory, business management, taxation, and auditing
  • Able to count fixed cost and arrange financial statement of companies which offer service, goods, and manufacture
  • Have a skill of taxation, auditing, and arranging financial statement of companies which offer service, goods, and manufacture


Profil Lulusan

Graduates of D3 Accounting Study Program have some qualifications as follow:

  • Madya Accountant in goods, services, and manufacturing companies
  • Madya Accountant in public or government sectors
  • Madya Accountant in banking
  • Madya Accountant in Syariah Finance

Apa Kata Alumni