On April , 20 1972 Universil Education Foundation (UNEF), at present PERPENDIKNAS, established Institution of Academic Private Higher Education with the name Surabaya Academic of Tax and Finance.

Six years later, on January, as the academic had developed either vertically or horizontally; it changed its name into Surabaya Tax and Finance Higher Education. While, since tax as one of the finance disciplines, Kopertis area IV from its insuance (at that time) no. 97/1/80, on August 26, 1980, gave its operational licence with the name Surabaya Finance Higher Education of Indonesia. After that, according to the insuance of Minister of Education and Culture number: 071/0/1985, on February, 18 1985 with the list number 13 and number: 9364/0/1986, on May 14, 1986 with the list number 14, Surabaya Finance Higher Education of Indonesia had changed into Surabaya Schools of Economics of Indonesia until now.


Kita tidak boleh lelah dan kita tidak boleh kalah, masa depan Indonesia berada di anak muda. Anak muda harus dituntun ke arah positif.

– BJ Habibie –