Strategy and Operational Planning

Strategy and Operational Planning

On August, 15 2012 Academic Senate Meeting of Schools of Economics of Indonesia

(STIESIA) had agreed and ratified the strategic plan of STIESIA Surabaya 2012-2016. While, the plan was a second strategy which developed continually from its plan during 2007-2011. Before that, the development of STIESIA was based on its main plan. Moreover, STIESIA’s strategic plan of 2012-2016 described the objectives and its strategic target with some topics such as program development, action plan, and action plan-goal. This was also followed by some documents which consist of indicators of performance achievement in strategic plan; as the main reference of its arrangement and implementation of annual work program.

The STIESIA’s plan of 2012-2016 was arranged based on thought: “Have your right first step, so that the next steps will guide you to the right way on the destination.” Therefore, based on that, the arrangement of STIESIA’s strategic plan was truly and carefully applied; through some reviews as backward-trace of analysis result of personal evaluation of the target and environment changes either internal or external.

In order to determine the spirit, all leaders of each work unit within STIESIA had a belief in achieving its vision, mission, and STIESIA’s objectives under the statement as follows: STIESIA is a university which inspires, educates, cares, and empowers.” Therefore, it would be expected there was transformation acceleration of STIESIA from Good University into Great University in 2021. Furthermore, based on strategic plan of 2012-2016, by having continually and consistency management, STIESIA in 2021 is expected to be able to put itself as university which internationally based.

In addition, all study programs, technical service units, and other work units in STIESIA must consider strategic plan of 2012-2016 as the main reference in running each management function, or as guidance of work program arrangement in annual operational plan.