S1 Management

Undergraduate (S1) Management Profile


Undergraduate (S1) Management study program of Schools of Economics of Indonesia (STIESIA) becomes a holder of academic education which create a competitive, reliable, and dignified of management with both nationally and internationally standard in 2021.


Holding a teaching and learning process with some supports of:

  • Adaptive curriculum on changes, suitable with competency standard and stakeholders’ need
  • Competent lecturers and education staffs
  • Conducive academic atmosphere
  • Proper facilities

Holding a creative, innovative, and applicable research in order to develop applicable knowledge which beneficial to the society

Holding a fulfilment of social responsibility which optimally through real action in the form of public service

Accreditation: A

This was according to National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education of Department of National Education of Republic of Indonesia No. 038/BAN-PT/Ak-XIII/S1/I/2011.


To be oriented on the graduates readiness in order to be able to take roles as expert and have a skill of management and involve in the existence development of management study program


To prepare and create human resources with academic competence, which able to implement, hold, and enrich the study of management with the spirit of belief and devotion to Almighty GOD

Scope and Limitation

Finance Management, Marketing Management, Management Accounting

Profil Lulusan

Graduates of S1 Accounting Study Program have some qualifications as follow:

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