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Based on the decision letter of the Universal Education Foundation (now PERPENDIKNAS) number: 024A-DM/kapts/VIII/80, it was determined that, April, 20 1972 was the anniversary of the Indonesian College of Economics Surabaya (STIESIA Surabaya).

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Student National Achievement, Passing the Competition Entrepreneurship P2MW XlV Indonesian Student Expo in Bali 15-17 November 2023

7 November 2023

Student of the Indonesian College of Economics (STIESIA) Surabaya attended the prestigious competition…

KPPU Invites Universities to Develop Knowledge of Business Competition in the Digital Economy

20 October 2023

Commissioner Commission Supervisor Business Competition (KPPU) 2018-2023 Period, Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, MM,…

Enhancing Cooperation with Aviation Education Institution, AVIA

19 October 2023

Surabaya, October, 19 2023 STIESIA has cooperation with the aviation education institution, AVIA.…

Being the Best Graduates, the Head of Education Office of East Java Province, Dr. Aries Agung Paewai: STIESIA’s Graduates are the Great and Extraordinary

14 October 2023

Dr. Aries Agung Paewai, S.STP., M.M. became a doctorate graduate from Post-Graduate of…

STIESIA Graduated 643 Students

4 October 2023

On September, 29 and October 1, 2023; STIESIA Surabaya held graduation from the…

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