Student National Achievement, Passing the Competition Entrepreneurship P2MW XlV Indonesian Student Expo in Bali 15-17 November 2023

Student of the Indonesian College of Economics (STIESIA) Surabaya attended the prestigious competition of National Entrepreneurship Indonesian Students (KMI) XlV Expo P2MW ( Development Program Student Entrepreneurship ) Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology ( Directorate General of Higher Education Technology and Research) Ministry of Education and Culture Research and Technology.

Based on letter circular Number 7074/E2/KM.01.01/2023 regarding KMI Expo XIV 2023, the team of STIESIA had stated as one of 493 teams college from all over Indonesia who passed KMI Expo XIV 2023 selection, which will be held at Ganesha University of Education, Bali, 15-17 November 2023. For the teams who passed through, the product will be displayed as the main product in competing for the KMI Award.

Moreover, the student business group of STIESIA, which successfully broke through a national competition, creates innovative soaps made from waste dregs of carrots that are environmentally safe and economical. The product’sproduct’s name is Jean de Soap, abbreviated JenSo .

The group was led by Jessica Putri Anugrah and Anisya Weddyanti Putri. Meanwhile, the group members were Annes Angki Wijayanti and Dinda Puri Safa.

In order to be one of the past teams, I had to experience a process that was not easy, had some twists, and took time. Directorate Learning and Student Affairs, Directorate General of Higher Education Technology and Research, as party organizer, has evaluated the progress of universities and student business group recipient P2MW assistance in 2023.

The success of getting through the national student competition is not a free provision provided by STIESIA, especially Student Affairs. Therefore, student business groups that succeed in reaching funding for the P2WM program are provided an intensive provision of entrepreneurship. On 23 August 2023, the condition of autopilot business strategy design for Startups presents Drs: Ec: Ruli Kusumahadi, practitioner and consultant business cooperatives and MSMEs.

In another training, the student business group, on average, were members of STIESIA Entrepreneurship UKM; got provision from Cak Feb, call Febryan Kiswanto, a young entrepreneur who is also the administrator of HIPMI Surabaya.

Furthermore, the entrepreneurship workshop invited people in business service transportation and culinary Anas Pandu Gunawan to assist from different perspectives.

This student group also got the accompaniment from the STIESIA lecturer, a young entrepreneur, Sulistyo Budi Utomo, BBA, MA, Ec, Ph.D. He will accompany the students while attending KMI in Bali. As a supervisor, Mr Tyo, greeting familiar Sulistyo Budi Utomo, said that the students expected to keep innovating existing products that they have made. “I hope they do not stop forming soap products. Thus, they must innovate to make various products to fulfill consumers’ requests. Not only soap but it can be in various processes, For example, bread, maybe,” said the man who is also the head of the entrepreneurship lab.

Author: Fathurrochman Al Aziz

Photo: Public Relations

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