Opening Speech of Dean of STIESIA

Opening Speech of Dean of STIESIA

On April, 20 2016 Schools of Economics of Indonesia had reached 44 years of age.

We were going to maintain and increase all the development, outcome, and STIESIA’s contribution to society in the future. While, some facts show that STIESIA keys of success in running some education programs were not only based on the lecturer and education staff’s dedication, but also the students’ spirit in creating and growing the academic culture which support the success of teaching and learning process.

Within the journey, we hoped Schools of Economics of Indonesia (STIESIA) could strengthen itself both to be a university which nationally and even internationally based. Therefore, there were some strategic issues which would be always our concern, such as:

  • Higher School Image
  • Graduates Quality
  • Research and Public Service
  • Work and Academic Culture
  • Quality of Human Resources and Infrastructure
  • Organization and Management Regulation
  • Academic Information System
  • Cooperation, Strategic and Networking Alliance
  • Students and Alumnus Activities

By having some trust from students, parents, graduates, and also stakeholders, we

would be as strong as possible in order to maintain our commitment and manage some strategic issues with properly. Besides, being responsible for each trust, we would make use this website in order to communicate for each related information with activities, outcomes, and STIESIA development. Moreover, with strong support from the stakeholders, we believed STIESIA’s masterpiece would be more increased. As the result, there would be  more contribution from STIESIA to society, nation, and government as the representative of a country. In addition, on behalf of STIESIA academic community, we gave our gratitude to all stakeholders who had given their trust to STIESIA. Last but not least, hopefully, as media of communication and information disseminate, this website could give benefit for all of us.


Dean of STIESIA,

Dr. Nur Fadjrih Asyik, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA.