MoU Signing Between BPD GINSI of East Java and STIESIA Surabaya

On Tuesday, 22 December 2022 STIESIA Surabaya visited the office of BPD GINSI of East Java in order to have MoU Signing. Moreover, Dr. Triyonowato, M.Si as the third vice-president of Students Affairs; Sulistyo Budi Utomo, BBA., M.A., Ec., Ph.D as the head of Cooperation; and Dr. Anindhyta Budiarti, SE., MM as the head of Custom Center represented STIESIA in this event.

 The event was started by having an opening speech from Dr. Triyonowato, M.Si as the third vice-president of Students Affairs. She explained that the MoU would cover three main points in Tri Darma of the University, namely teaching, research, and community service. She also hoped that from the implementation, all elements either the institution, students, and BPD GINSI which run into export and import trade would take advantage. Thankfully, BPD GINSI gave a nice welcome for the expectation; through their speech which was delivered by the General Head of GINSI, i.e. H. Bambang Sukardi. He said that GINSI would support any kind of effort used to succeed in all points within the MoU.

  The event ended with hospitality between STIESIA Surabaya and GINSI; so that the relationship would become stronger, and the activities within the MoU run nice and smoothly.