STIESIA’s Public Relation Have Successfully Entered The 50s Private Biggest and Best Higher Education within East Java

LLDIKTI VII of East Java area had evaluation on public relation of private higher educations during its fiscal year of 2021-2022. The evaluation which was proposed by LLDIKTI had been in the term of how far their social media, including website, instagram, twitter, facebook, and youtube took role in sharing all kinds of information about the institution.

          STIESIA’s Public Relation which entered the 50s private biggest and best higher education within East Java would be evaluated once more on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at Swill Bellin Juanda Hotel, Surabaya. This second selection was divided into two, i.e. interview session and insight presentation of social media result. From the selection, LLDIKTI would choose the best three of human relation of private higher education within East Java.