On Monday, October, 31st 2022 the University of Yapis Papua had a visitation in STIESIA Surabaya. The visitation was part of comparative study events and MOU signing with STIESIA at Hall 2 STIESIA Surabaya. This event aimed to create a good relationship between the universities. Three representatives of the University of Yapis Papus: Dean of FEB, Head of S1 Accounting program, and Secretary of S1 Management program followed warmly by the representatives of STIESIA Surabaya including the head of Perpendiknas with her staff, the president of STIESIA Surabaya with her staff, each of head of the study program, and every head of the work unit.  

In the opening, the head of Perpendiknas, Dra. Endang Dwi Retnani, M.Si, Ak., CA gave her opening speech. She introduced Perpendiknas as a Foundation that supports STIESIA Surabaya. Not only that, Graha Widya Bhakti and Pratama Polytechnic were the ones also supported by Perpendiknas. Then, the second speech was delivered by the President of STIESIA Surabaya,  Dr. Nur Fadjrih Asyik, S.E., M.Si., Ak., CA. She introduced STIESIA’s history, vision, mission, achievements, and facilities.                         

Meanwhile, as the representative of the University of Yapis Papua, the Dean of FEB gave his speech. in the address, the Dean felt an honor as his coming was accepted by STIESIA. Besides, the objectives of the visitation were also mentioned, i.e. to find out the study programs within STIESIA and signed Mou with STIESIA Surabaya.

After then, it continued with the discussion between STIESIA Surabaya and the University of Yapis Papua. It discussed, in detail, the study programs within STIESIA Surabaya which were led by their head of study program.  As it was expected, the event went smoothly.

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