World Tsunami Awareness Day

World Tsunami Awareness Dayis commemorated every November the 5th. This event was officially held by General Assembly of United Nations on December 2015, in order to remember the first tsunami which happened in Japan, 1854.

For years, Japan lives with tsunami. Therefore, the event was taken from Japan’s idea. Besides Japan, Indonesia had its first tsunami in Aceh Darussalam on December, 24 2004. At that time, the coast area of Aceh was swept by great tsunami waves after an earthquake with M 9.3 which happened in the bottom of Samudera Hindia. The earthquake and tsunami in Aceh, according to the expert as the five biggest earthquake had ever happened in history.

The General Assembly of United Nations invite all countries, international organization, and civillians in commemorating World Tsunami Awareness Day. With the hope, tsunami awareness is increased. Moreover, it attracts some innovations in order to decrease tsunami victims. These following are some ways which need to be applied when tsunami happens: