“Get the new experience and build up your business world knowledge” becomes a motto which had brought by Magister of Management STIESIA Surabaya during the virtual company visit of PT. Nutrifood. In the virtual event, Dr. Djawoto, S.E., M.M (The head of S2 Management study program) took a role as moderator with Vito Dwiki Jhalu Adjie, S.E., M.M (Marketing Associate of PT. Nutrifood Indonesia, East Java) as the keynote speaker. He would explain and talk about PT. Nutrifood Indonesia.

            Nutrifood is a national private company that runs its business in Food and Health drink industry. The company was established on February, 1979 with its main office in Jakarta. Moreover, the industry had spread its distribution area to more than 30 countries around the world. Furthermore, the product of Nutrifood consisted of Tropicana Slim, Nutrisari, Hilo, L-men, WRP, and Localate.

            A number of participants, more or less 50 students of Magister of Management from any kind of academic year attended the virtual company visit. A lot of questions were asked by the participants on the management of PT. Nutrifood. They were enthusiastically involved in the event which took two hours. As a result, valuable knowledge, information, and input were gained either by the Magister of Management students or the management of PT. Nutrifood.